I just need time!!

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Off the cuff, Uncategorized

Time…we all need it at some point. Some more than others. For a myriad of reasons; some flimsier than others. Time to heal, time to find myself. Time to breath, time to think about things. Time is probably the most sought after thing and it’s often so elusive!

I sometimes need it in bucketloads! When am under pressure to deliver and everything is threatening to go wrong…or when the husband is raiding the kitchen in the middle of the night (coz he’s hungry) and his wife wakes up, all he need is time to make it to the next room with the oh so juicy drumstick without having to explain himself, you know!

Is there such a thing as perfect timing? Think about it; is there ever a good time to deliver bad news? I mean, for instance if you had to fire one of your employees because..well, budget cuts for survival of the company…would you wait until they are in their office on the phone with a major client closing a deal, and then you pop your head through the door and say, “You are fired!” or maybe when they dutifully bring you your coffee, dark, two sugars, no cream just as you like it and just before they leave you say,” Well thank you (their name) and by the way you are fired!” Come to think of it there is just no perfect time, just say it and hope that the recipient of your bad news does not collapse and die and then you have to deliver this subsequent bad news to their family and other beneficiaries of their hard earned monthly salary!

Or maybe like when you have to break up with someone, then as if the universe doesn’t want you to, something else comes up, his or her cat/dog dies. Aha! Suddenly they are so dejected and ‘grieving’ and any more bad news would just throw them into an unimaginable emotional turmoil! What to do? Shut up and offer your support!

Am fascinated by the fact that time can be killed or even bought. It’s hard to imagine that one would want to kill time in this fast-paced world where every second counts in business, in the medical arena, in law courts, everywhere! But for some it comes naturally. You are in town, it’s too early to go home, so you check into a store and look around not really buying anything. Even worse and I absolutely abhor (the strongest term I could think of!) this habit; sitting in those seats all over town powered by Nairobi City Council, a public utility initiative or something like that. I can understand if it’s only for a couple of minutes but an hour, two hours, the whole day?! Walk up the staircase to the top floor of KICC and back down again if you must, walk around town but please do not be seen idly seated outside the bomb blast memorial or outside Tuskys pioneer!

            To be honest though I wish there was no such thing as time. Only the world would be chaotic, because then it would be hard to plan anything. But who needs a plan? Can’t we just be spontaneous? Plans are actually great, but only when you stick to them. But this does not necessarily mean we abandon all sense of adventure, spontaneity. It’s good to have a sense of direction, a focus point. This way there’s flow and reduced panic-attack instances where time which, is not even available at that time, is spent on trying to get a grip! Enough said, I feel like Dalai Lama, all these was written in free-verse by the way. Explains the typos (Madam Chief Editor is off duty!)


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