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An ode to my soul-friend…

Posted: August 18, 2009 in My other life
When I first met you in the coolness of that September afternoon, I thought to myself “He’s hot!” and for days I dreamt of your face and the sound of your voice. And then you spoke to me and I died and woke up in heaven floating with you besides me. You got me all jellied up inside and for the days that followed I stalked you literally; calculating my steps to coincide with yours and then saying hi! feigning surprise at how many times we met in one day; offering that surely it must mean something. You smiled at me and wished me a great day. I ran to the nearest washroom, looked at myself in the mirror and gave my reflection a hi-5. Such were the silly things you made me do.

A couple of weeks of “accidentally” bumping into each other later, we had our very first meaningful conversation. I knew it by heart, replayed it in my head a trillion times. And then we were friends, really good friends, best friends…
You were reliable, had by best interests at heart, called almost every day, we laughed and hang out, talked about nothing and everything, you shared your fears with me, I told you of my childhood dreams, you drove me nuts, we fought, we apologized and the laughter was renewed…and then I fell for you…hard…

Thoughts of you made my head reel; I traded in my sense of pride and common sense for a thousand moments of unabashed shamelessness where I’d perchance meet you, strike a conversation and fight to make it last if only a second longer, call you up just to say nothing, jam your phone with texts… You seemed unruffled by this display of affection; in fact you enjoyed it which made me even more excited.
Months grew into years and I bridled these emotions, hoping you’d be the first to say you loved me too and we would face the world together, get married, live in a house with a white picket fence and watch our chubby kids grow…and then you shocked me…u got yourself a girlfriend! Behind my back! I thought the feeling was mutual! You traitor! I seethed with rage and avoided you for days.

Then it dawned on me, I was just in love with the idea of you, not with you. You had been the most influential person in my life at that time; I hung on to your every word like it was my ticket to true happiness, you taught me a lot, gave me a peek into the brain of a normal male_something I’ll be forever grateful for. You helped me transform from an awkwardly shy girl into a confident woman. You gave me the gift of friendship, pure and selfless; the kind that does not demand anything. Every laughing moment unlocked the trust in me and in others; every hug, a confirmation of how beautiful I was. You helped me get over my obsession of the love I thought I had for you and reminded me that there was one out there; patiently waiting for this beautiful intelligent girl you had the privilege of meeting first and who’d blossomed before your eyes into a gem.

Not everyone can say that about their friends. In this lifetime, I couldn’t wish for more. You gave me more than I asked for and I can only hope that I am to you everything you wanted in a friend. Promise me that even in death we shall forever be friends, to support each other through thick and thin, to think of each other at least once in twenty four hours, to defend our friendship in the event that our better halves question it, to never forget what we are about and where we’ve come from, that you’ll name your daughter after me and I’ll give my son your name such that the legacy continues…

You are my best friend and I love you. Not the-I-love-u-and-I-want-to-marry-you kind of love. The kind that does not border on the physical, the kind that’s based on true friendship, the kind that you carry with you always and whoever you wind up going out with understands and respects it as just that, pure friendship.


Wake me if you like me…

Posted: August 18, 2009 in My other life

I sit in the dark staring at a text message I recently got from you and as the glow from my phone slowly fades off I can’t help but wonder how you’ve been…And I smile shyly the memory of your voice so clear … You see it’s been ten days, three hours and round about thirty seconds since we last spoke and well…I miss you… Am allowed to do that right, besides we are friends right? And friends miss friends right? Ok who am I kidding! I am insanely impatient and my fingers are burning to press the green button coz I have you on speed dial, but I can’t think of a reason lamer than ‘I just called to say hi’ at a quarter to one AM… So I guess it can wait till tomorrow …or maybe never…

So as the morning charily steals into the night I lay in bed compelled to stay awake with questions, blank spaces and the jagged mystery that is you…Never before have I met one so calm and collected yet passionate about life, one so at peace with themselves yet humble and one so full of dreams bigger than themselves…and one so interesting yet so distant…

I chanced upon meeting you when I was familiar with the disappointings of the old and I wanted nothing to do with the new; and as our short messages grew into phone calls I realized there’s nothing quite like a seven-minute conversation, really. You know, the kind that doesn’t have much of a subject, it flows from the weather to my dream of making it big in fashion, from whether or not chicken soup can cure your cold to your favourite genre of music…spontaneity, unplanned delight.

So it is with my thoughts in the still of this night, random and scattered in your direction, with nothing much to base my liking on, other than the fact that your speech is refined…and you type words in full in your text messages…and your introvert laughter lasts only a couple of seconds…and you burble when your nervous…and you apologize even for the slightest forgivable gaffes…and you’re funny…
Forgive me if am being rush but I just want to know what you’re about, what that extra full stop at the end of your text message means, why you always answer your call after the fourth ring and why I am smiling while writing this…

Now that it’s out there that I might feel something for you and…I might want to know you better and…I might slightly hope that there’s a chance you’ll ask me out in the near future…text me if you just want to say hi, call me if you wanna go out for coffee and talk…best of all, wake me if you like me…

Salutational Quandary

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Uncategorized
Every day I wake up and walk through the campus gates I anticipate a totally ridiculous comment from expected quarters or an amazingly intelligent comment from unexpected quarters. Most times am not disappointed.
Daystar University is amazing. I don’t just mean it in the marvellous kind of way but in an astounding kind of way as well. Most times am not surprised but occasionally am thrown out of balance by the level of absurdities either in people’s speeches or in their mannerisms.

Today (and a hundred times before) as I was strolling down PAC court I was taken aback by the display of affection that unfolded right in front of my eyes. I say display of affection to mean greetings that do not only involve words but uncomfortable physical contact coupled with animal-like sounds. These two girls, these two beautiful and otherwise well-cultured girls bumped into each other on their way to class. They could very well be Lily and Donna. First, Lily lets out a high-pitched shriek in Donna’s direction and Donna follows suit and shrieks back at her. Now people normally shriek when they think they have seen a ghost or something equally scary. At this point my ears hurt so badly but more so my brain from trying to decipher this code of communication. Just then Lily and Donna throw their arms around each other and plant kisses on each others faces obviously glad to see each other for the umpteenth time.

The gentlemen, if I can call them that, have also been caught up in this theatrical insanity in the name of greetings. Now there’s is a more macho kind of handshake, followed by banging of the shoulders in a half-embrace and ended with striking each others back with a fist. I stopped trying to figure it out. It is simply aggressive in my eyes.

Salutations and greetings are probably the one thing I dread in Daystar University. I mean, I don’t mind the attention I get when I come back from a long holiday but if you are going to shriek and strike me on the back every time we meet then I might just stay away. I would like to feel my hands too after minutes of having my hand shaken, thank you very much and please go easy on the hugging. My back still hurts from our last encounter!

Whatever happened to old fashioned firm and less painful hand-shake? You know, the kind that you feel the hand but you don’t really feel it because it doesn’t last too long? If you ask me, I prefer simply nodding in your direction in acknowledgement especially when I am trying to get to class on time. If I have a bit of time to spare, I might just say hello and proceed to find out how you are doing; maintaining a good distance from you. Don’t get me wrong, this is not anti-social behaviour. It is simply one person honouring the other person’s need for personal space. Save the intimate hugging and kissing for people you genuinely care about and even then do it in discretion; people are trying to get on with their lives without the unnecessary distraction.

The Theatrics of Student Politics…

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Politics
Daystar University students recently went to the polls to select their new team of Daystar University Students Association (DUSA) officials. Like with any election period, the air was heavy with expectations and promises were plentiful in the form of pledges from interested parties.

Every year the campaign methods and tactics become interestingly varied. More significantly the posters keep getting bigger and bolder with all sorts of overbearing font types and colour. The university grounds are literally abuzz with activity. There emerge groups of ardent supporters who make it their business to promote their choice of leader using all sorts of unorthodox means. Normally quiet bus rides are occasionally disrupted by aspirants’ disturbance of peace by momentarily shooting up from their seats and proceeding to remind the occupants of their now so familiar policies. Food is not the only thing consumed at mealtimes; the aspirants’ strategies and guiding principles are shoved down the electorate’s throats! Every single turn one takes there is an all too eager aspirant waiting to remind you that the future depends upon you voting in their favour. Even more imposing are the door-to-door campaigns off campus where aspirants and their publicity managers show up unannounced in the middle of dinner time and demand an audience going on and on about how they can make students’ life better.

While there is nothing off beam about campaigning, it is the method and the motives that are moot. A group of energetic and mouthy supporters going round campus chanting praise songs about their choice of leader are bound to be noticed more by the electorate as opposed to the quiet and modest supporters. Students seem to respond more to theatrics and drama than they do old fashioned speeches in the assembly hall. As long as there are raised voices, a bit of mudslinging and open discrediting of the administration and rivals then they are more than motivated to vote. And vote they will; for the most popular individual. The individual who is outspoken and aggressive in every sense of the word is often deemed fit to take up the role of “the administration’s worst nightmare”. They trust that their choice will not be cowed by the policy makers just because he/she exhibited a lot pride and overconfidence in their speech and their mannerisms during the campaign period. The soft-spoken and less articulate aspirant is often dismissed as “too soft for the job”.

The Daystar University electorate has been brainwashed into equating leadership capabilities to outward attributes. Such attributes as height, manner of dressing, gait, score on the popularity meter and speech pattern are inconsequential where management skills are concerned. Unfortunately, they still feature when students are mulling over such important decisions as choosing student representatives; leaders who will govern them for an entire academic year and influence their lives directly.

It is time students put a lot more thought into the voting process and give it the significance and value it deserves. Let us not allow ourselves to be sidetracked by the eccentric spectacles and thrill but rather focus on the goal; to select a team that will not only act in truthfulness and diligence but that will reflect true servant leadership, a trait that Daystar University so jealously guards.

Life In The Outskirts…

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Endless rants
This morning I spent two hours on the jam and I must say it wasn’t the prettiest experience. I mean am 6ft tall and Nissans aren’t exactly built to accommodate all that fineness! I like them though, because they get you where you are going faster. When am not in a hurry I use the big buses. You know them, the ones where class and prestige is not a priority for travelers. What’s important is that you get where you are going, in one piece and at the lowest cost possible.

Sometimes they double up as mobile clinics where traditional doctors consult, examine and dispense medication all in one trip! Other times they double up as mini crusades; it has all the qualities of a church service only the duration matters depending on where you are alighting. The only thing that doesn’t happen is praise and worship, I guess because after a long day everyone just wants to get home. So, a couple of verses and interpretations later he announces that it’s time to offer sacrifice and proceeds to wriggle his way to the back of the bus and back to the front, coins and an occasional note safely in a clenched fist. He then gives a sort of vote of thanks to the driver and the conductor and he takes a seat or alights before anyone changes their mind about their offering. For some of us who live alittle, alright! a great distance from the city center the dust-filled journey continues.

By now the driver has pumped up the volume and the bus is now filled with sounds of some overly ambitious singers who need a couple of lessons in voice management. Not to downplay their talent, it’s just that in the evening when am going home the last thing I want to hear is some lovesick guy screaming his lungs out about some girl who supposedly doesn’t love him half as much!

I love traveling…in comfort! Sometimes it’s not possible unless you are paying more or it’s your personal car. I don’t particularly enjoy using those buses, but my physique does not allow me to even think about not to! So as I work my way towards my first car, my second house (the first one was a bedsitter!) and consequently my business complex or maybe even a beach house in Miami, I have decided to stick it out in those selfishly-lacking-in-space matatus and hopefully I’ll win the lottery….soon!