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Unapologetically Stella!

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The phrase ‘she’s not what she seems’ can be used quite justifiably on Stella Nasambu who I thought I knew but turns out there’s a lot more than she lets out. She could pass for your average young Kenyan woman trying to mind her own business and live her life best way she knows but deep within this 25 year-old Brand Manager, burns a fire that’s hard to quell. Her soft look, diminutive and keen eyes grab your attention and keeps you glued and when she talks you listen. And listen I did!

Stella was born in 1984 to military parents and as the third child she knew all too well what it meant to have tough parents. Growing up she was a feisty, headstrong and stubborn-as-a-mule type of child and was constantly in her parents’ ‘bad books’ This of course translated to numerous punishments but looking back she appreciates it as it straightened her out.

She went to Hospital Hill Primary School for her elementary education and later on St. Monica’s Secondary School before enrolling at Daystar University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication. It is not hard to see why she picked Public Relations and Marketing at campus as her excellent speech and witty disposition comes through and subtly at that. Stella has always been a charmer and that is how she got her job at Atom tdf agency.

Being a brand manager is not the easiest job in the world but she says she likes it. “It gives plenty of room for creativity and my fulfillment is in the clients’ satisfaction, “she says beamingly of a profession that entails positioning and rebranding products and services. Stella wasn’t always into corporate communication. She lets me know giggling all the while that her first love was music. So badly did she want to be a rock artiste that she contemplated studying music but her parents would not have any of it. After much persuasion that made her see sense she ended up letting go of that dream and instead studied Communication. Looking back she says that was one of the craziest thoughts she ever had.

Having witnessed the nature of work her siblings took up and how they rarely have time for themselves, Stella vowed to never let her work hinder her from indulging in her favourite past-times and interests; reading, theatre and charity work. “My elder brother works in IT, the second born is a sous chef and my younger brother is a biochemist. They rarely have time to just relax!” she says throwing her arms in the air for effect. When she is not working, she visits New Life Children’s Home where she is a volunteer. She also acts at the theatre and has been part of the cast for Fray, a musical about Dedan Kimathi. Later on in the year she hopes to be part of the cast for a Village Christmas and next year, a Village Easter. She has always loved reading and the books that grace her shelf at home are mostly spiritual publications. Christianity means a lot to her and she says, it is what has kept her grounded all these years. She draws strength from God and experiences a lot of peace inside knowing He is there for her.

For this energetic self-starter, life is simply beautiful. She works hard at what she does, prays a lot, travels occasionally to clear her mind and her mantra is; only when you absolutely believe in yourself do others believe in you.

Sutella, as she’s fondly known by her friends, is definitely unapologetic about her femininity as she speaks her mind and fights her own battles unabashed. She is indeed a true African beauty, proud of her origin and full of passion for this lovely continent.


He’s your man,so you keep saying…

Er…i don’t see a ring!
Honey,you’re lucky am even talking to you…
Consider it a lesson in survival…
I’ma say this once so listen keen,baibe,keen!

He’s only yours when you’re with him,ya hearrrrd?
Soon as he steps outta yo home,he’s fair game love!
I know you love him and errthang…i don’t blame you,you’re just stupid and bliiiiind coz honey…sista gal…he don’t give a rat’s behind about you…never has,never will,aaaaw-kay?

Take it from me, a-know…
Who do you think he’s with when he says he’s working late,huh?
Who? His mama? Nooooh!
Lil’ gal,i’ma tell you for free…you best be list’ning aaaw-kay?

While you was home slaving over his dinner n stuff,we was havin’ fun,warming them covers,bringing the roof down!
While you was calling,jammin’ his inbox…psh gal,he was tryna be polite talkin’ ’bout gal i’ma be there soon…
Don’t give me that look,i’m just tryna live my life aaw-kay?
I don’t want nothing from nobody…
I have fun with him but he comes home to you…and you stupidly in love you let him in.

Love my skinny behind!
He don’t need that!
He ain’t capable of that!
Youz the idiot here!

Lil’ gal,he’s only yours when you’re with him
And i don’t see rocks on those skinny fingers so quit throwing tantrums!
Get off my porch and go home!
I’ma be done with him soon anyway!
Now scurry…run along…off you go…

Unapologetically Female 1

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In a week you’re gonna call me

apologize for being a complete jerk
am gonna try and forgive you
you’ll ask me out to lunch
and then we’ll go over your dating faux pas
you will sit there and allow me to scream at you
and then you will take me home
,shake hands and we’ll call it quits.