Unapologetically Female 2:The showdown!

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

He’s your man,so you keep saying…

Er…i don’t see a ring!
Honey,you’re lucky am even talking to you…
Consider it a lesson in survival…
I’ma say this once so listen keen,baibe,keen!

He’s only yours when you’re with him,ya hearrrrd?
Soon as he steps outta yo home,he’s fair game love!
I know you love him and errthang…i don’t blame you,you’re just stupid and bliiiiind coz honey…sista gal…he don’t give a rat’s behind about you…never has,never will,aaaaw-kay?

Take it from me, a-know…
Who do you think he’s with when he says he’s working late,huh?
Who? His mama? Nooooh!
Lil’ gal,i’ma tell you for free…you best be list’ning aaaw-kay?

While you was home slaving over his dinner n stuff,we was havin’ fun,warming them covers,bringing the roof down!
While you was calling,jammin’ his inbox…psh gal,he was tryna be polite talkin’ ’bout gal i’ma be there soon…
Don’t give me that look,i’m just tryna live my life aaw-kay?
I don’t want nothing from nobody…
I have fun with him but he comes home to you…and you stupidly in love you let him in.

Love my skinny behind!
He don’t need that!
He ain’t capable of that!
Youz the idiot here!

Lil’ gal,he’s only yours when you’re with him
And i don’t see rocks on those skinny fingers so quit throwing tantrums!
Get off my porch and go home!
I’ma be done with him soon anyway!
Now scurry…run along…off you go…

  1. Georgia says:

    I laughed so hard after I wrote! But it does happen and it ain't no laughing matter i guess…

  2. Ed says:

    hahaha!!you sound like the people in a book from old Black America that I once read-The Color Purlpe.They kind of used to talk like that.I like. 🙂

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