Does Dating Have To Be Such A Chore?!

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
Maybe am just a lazy bum…maybe i just wanna breeze through life sipping chocolate milkshake or scooping vanilla ice cream in front of myTV,in faded jeans,no makeup on and not a care in the world. Or maybe the dating game has morphed so much the rules are so diversely complicated that I,a sucker for all things simple, out of reflex get armoured for battle when any datable male so much as breathes in my direction!

Call me a romance-killer or any title to that effect but why,oh why,do we have to drag the get-to-know-you through weeks of expensive phone calls, allergy-triggering flower deliveries,work-disrupting surprise lunches and sleep-denying late night mulling over all the above? Sigh…i say date someone you already know;a friend,or take it like a business negotiation. Now that we’ve established we are interested in each other’s business,a partnership is advised. State your expectations,adjust to accommodate each other. Now would be a wonderful opportunity to discuss any external influences in the form of prior ‘business associates’ i.e. ex-girlfriends/boyfriends who may hinder profitable growth of the about-to-begin partnership. Declare the partnership launched!

I don’t see why we should spend extra so personal funds must be used sparingly; you will phone me Friday night to confirm our Saturday date,during which everything shall be discussed including wishing me a great week.Not to worry,your/my credit card need not suffer,i got plenty of chicken and drinks left over from the book club get-together at my house last Thursday;all we need is each other baibe,it’s gon’ be a great night in. Come Wednesday,you will send me a message on my facebook inbox from the company computer checking up on me and i shall twitter back,from the company computer.Fun and inexpensive!Come Friday,I’ll text you an invite that’s so unsettling you will reply affirmatively and guess what,all that luuuurve for just R0.70! Do you get my drift? Luckily we live in the same town so no over-the-roof fuel costs.In two weeks flat,there being no other businesses,we can comfortably move to step II of this partnership.

I like this approach,it works on a timeline leaving no room for time-wasting goofing around and playing footsie. It’s professional and notably economical; last thing we need is financial pressure unless there’s a birthday or anniversary to be celebrated. It is also calculated; tension-rousing surprises are avoided;it can’t happen if it was not discussed. Another fascinating and my absolute personal favourite,are the bi-monthly reviews.You know,an overview of how things are progressing such that we know we are on the same page. If we are,we proceed to the next level and if we are not,having established the grey areas we can mutually decide to work on them or terminate the partnership. This way there’s no such thing as “I didn’t see it coming. “

Life is beautiful.Love is equally,if not more,beautiful. If you’re a lazy bum,raise your half-empty ice cream jar and say…”to effortless dating” cheers!

  1. Alex says:

    Hahaha… is this a unisex perspective ama its a female perspective?? I am in full agreement with it by the way.

  2. gphilly says:

    The fact that you and i both agree must mean it cuts across the board. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Alex!

  3. kagz says:

    I quite agree 101 %

  4. gphilly says:

    Thanks for dropping by Kagz! 🙂

  5. J.Njata says:

    Wow! you have just made my evening! Am tempted to check on your past posts…

  6. gphilly says:

    Always a pleasure Njata! You’re my first subscriber! That means i gotta be more regular. I think I will,just for you:)

  7. LOl, am amazed by thoughts to words. I would like to watch that as a movie.

  8. gphilly says:

    Thanks Martin:-) I would wanna see this translated into a movie too…should be interesting!

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