Nairobi TweetUp #2: How It Went Down!

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Nairobi
I love Twitter! And no am not being paid to say that, just a genuine appreciation for a social network that has proved useful.
And as useful as useful goes…just last Sunday (March 26th) a group of Twitter enthusiasts met in what was dubbed Nairobi TweetUp #2 which pretty much is a get-together by tweeps (twitter users) and their followers. It was a social gathering at the Savannah Lounge, National Museum (Review soonJ)where we sipped, gobbled or nibbled while interacting and sharing ideas. Networking is an amazing thing, I got to meet brilliant minds and discovered just how much power we possess in our different abilities. Some of the people present were:-
The brains behind Nairobi TweetUp (Applause! Applause!)
He’s a graphic designer, web developer, copywriter and photographer by profession. He is also a chess/scrabble enthusiast and probably the nicest person ever! Find him here
Meidimi Hugo Sokoto
I know him from Daystar University. He recently graduated and he loves everything film.
One of my absolutely wonderful friends, my shopping buddy, a writer at Parents Magazine, a super super talented blogger (http:/  She volunteers at Autism Awareness Kenya and speaks Spanish! How cool is thatJ 
Banker by day, founder of Ufahari and a photography enthusiast
She’s Zimbabwean, a medical intern working in Nairobi, film producer and blogger (http:/ She’s lived in many parts of Africa including Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. Absolutely brilliant personality
This girl can pull crowds! I like that she’s confident, articulate and absolutely informed.  Runs a centre for scientific communication training. A photography enthusiast who believes the older the camera the better.
 Works at Safaricom. She’s the bubbliest person ever. Definitely easy to talk to!
First of all I want that Bert Simpson Tee! I gotta have it!
Works at Ashoka. He attended #NairobiTweetup1 as well
How tall are you man? Like seriously! 🙂
He’s a Computer software professional. Interests include Austrian economics/quantum physics/agriculture/aviation. Also a #NairobiTweetup1 attendee
Background in advertising and marketing. Founder of Fluid Tees (they are awesome by the way) Also a #NairobiTweetup1 attendee
Genius!  Freelance designer, cartoonist and the man behind A personal friend who I think is going places.  He just needs to cut down on his sleep hoursJ
Just joined Twitter, best friend of Michelle Ayuma. Just winding up her undergraduate degree at Daystar University.
Blogger ( She’s passionate about African tradition of story-telling. Best friend of Linda Anyango. Bubbly personality. I keep saying she resembles the lovely Bidanya Barassa! Also a fourth year student at Daystar University.
Works at Care International (Somalia, South Sudan). He is passionate about Jazz music
DJ ,real estate developer/consultant , creative enterprise trainer , former auditor and a tech junkie.
Founder of an advertising agency , blogger (arrived after our group photo sessions were over)But am following her
So there you have it! It was an awesome team. I look forward to plenty of interactions, both professional and social. I see this group expanding and becoming something revolutionary, exploring each others abilities and partnering towards growth and development of this continent and possibly even the world!
If you wanna be part of this be sure to join us on April 17, 2011 at Mercury Lounge, ABC Place- Westlands, off Waiyaki Way when Nairobi TweetUp #3 goes down!
  1. Tweet up 2 was awesome!
    But wait, what you telling the world? That he sleeps a wee bit much? Libel PAP! See you in court 😀

  2. Georgia says:

    Hahahaha He's brilliant! How much more if he abandoned sleep altogether?hmmmm:)

  3. This is awesome. I will do a personality review on this on my blog. Getting different angles of the #NairobiTweetUp2 familia!

    Great stuff dear!

  4. Georgia says:

    Thanks Michelle! Looking forward to reading more from you!

  5. So spot on….I'm just glad you did not state that i was also the oldest member of the group… Phew!!! (oh Dammit, i just did!!)

  6. Paras Gudka says:

    Now if only we had some nice pictures to go with all that text! I should have just lugged my DSLR to Savanna.

    Great job with the post, Georgia! Curious to see what Michelle will have to write on her blog.

    David, you're as old/young as you feel. Age is but a number.

  7. Ed says:

    Great stuff Georgie…I feel rather important now 🙂
    And it was wonderful meeting all these talented people. Thank you Paras for organizing the event.

  8. gphilly says:

    David_am rather discrete about such info but since we are talking about it…ahem…! Thanks again for the pics!

    Paras_yYou’re right. Am uploading them as we speak…
    Thanks again for organizing this…too bad you won’t be around to meet first-time attendees of tweetup #3 but read all about it here!

    Ed_thanks SB!You rock!

  9. If it’s not too much trouble, could you please update my Twitter URL now that I’m tweeting exclusively as @TheParasGudka? Thanks! 🙂

  10. gphilly says:

    Done! 🙂

  11. […] (@Lucykims) and so on and so forth. (To get a lowdown on all 17 of the tweetup attendees, read Georgia’s account of the event here. She’s done a great job of describing each person and what the tweetup meant to her. On Twitter, […]

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