Fashion meets Georgia

Posted: April 14, 2011 in My other life

I have toyed with the idea of getting into modeling full-time ever since I was 15 and Oluchi was crowned winner of Nokia Face of Africa. I would see myself following in her footsteps and winning the title for Kenya, traveling far and wide, gracing runways from Milan to NewYork to Paris…fashion photographers kissing my hand in their theatrical fashion, their cameras loving every moment captured. And I would be famous. My face would be on every fashion magazine cover. How awesome!

Fast-forward to 2011 and am nowhere near Naomi Campbell. But in my own special way and with the help of certain brilliant Kenyan photographers, I may just live a tiny bit of that dream. Evening of Tuesday 12, April my friend Michelle and I went for a photo shoot that our newly-acquired friend hmurimi called us for. I call him hmurimi and you gotta admit it sounds cool! That’s his twitter handle:-)

Hiuhu Murimi aka @hmurimi and a group of his photographer friends have come together in support of each other and just to try out new tricks in photography while at the same time learning and having fun networking. On this day, they were trying out fashion photography and yours truly had the opportunity to model alongside Michelle Ayuma (@ayumyum on Twitter).

The shoot location was at Kuona Trust Art Centre and appropriately so as it provided a raggedy, artistic and raw background; perfect for the kind of attire we wore. Enough respect to one @Kayndeto, the stylist for the day/evening. I absolutely admired her sense of calmness; we had a few glitches with the outfits. She is absolutely talented as you can see from the pics.

The photographers are still sorting out the pics but i managed to squeeze one out of Ephraim Muchemi (@efi_m on Twitter). I find this pic interesting, like am floating in mist!


Yours truly floating in mist. Photo by: Ephraim Muchemi

Photo by:Mutua Matheka (@Truthslinger)

Photo by: Mutua Matheka (@Truthslinger)

Photo by: Mutua Matheka (@Truthslinger)

I met a bunch of other awesome photographers most of whom I know by their Twitter names!

Mutua Matheka aka @Truthslinger, Mwangi Kirubi aka @Mwarv, Profkatts, Naomi Katetei aka @nkatetei, Steven Kitoto aka @stevekitots, David Sikobe aka @skubi, Berytah, nyingez and am so sure I forget others. They were just so many!

I’ll upload more pics as they are made available to me so do come back for that:-) And watch this space, yours truly intends to model more often:-)

  1. hiuhu murimi says:

    Fashion/glamour Photographers can smell runway models from miles and am sure I picked up a scent while aiming my camera at you.

  2. gphilly says:

    Thanks Murimi! I appreciate you taking the risk,having not previously met me. I look forward to more shoots in future. Great working with you!

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