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Perfectly Hu-woman!

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Endless rants

For just two seconds, I want to make it about me. Once in a while I like to give myself permission to break down. Yes. This always-composed woman, cavorting everywhere she goes would like to drag her feet, punch walls with her bare fists, go off at anybody and anything for nothing, blame the stars for being misaligned, bawl her eyes out for hours, shove ice-cream down her throat and just be. Yes. I like to make it about me once in a while. *cue the song ‘Unappreciated’ here:-)*

Lately I’ve been in a funk and what bothers me more than the problem itself is the fact that I can’t help the situation. Helplessness paralyzes you. It drains every joule of energy in your system and leaves you at the mercies of your own corrupted thoughts. It leads you into contemplating giving up and then quickly jostling you back to your senses only to let you drop hard, into a dark cold abyss. And as your now limp body crumples into a heap you let go…of all resolves to fight, all stubbornness, defiance…all hope.

But it is in that moment of despair, of utter defenselessness that you remember what you’re about. You remember that which stirred a passion in you to live once upon a time. In that low point you muster the courage to move, if only just an inch, towards hope. And suddenly everything becomes clearer. Suddenly the dark clouds are transformed into lessons; lessons in patience, in resilience, in forgiving…And you get up, dust yourself off and come out into the world; a world ready to judge your every move, to banish your dreams as child’s play, to ridicule your intent to change the world, to mock you, to remind you that you have no money or influence…such is the battle we face from time to time. Will you sit back and let them win? Or will you come out guns blazing and show them who’s boss? Will you let your dream go down the drain or will you nurture them into the beautiful reality you so seek? Playing victim is tiring. Blaming others is overrated .So I’m taking control for the umpteenth time; reminding myself that this too shall pass. The sun is gonna shine brighter tomorrow and I will prance around like the ballerina I secretly wish I was.

Here’s to forgiveness, rekindled dreams, reawakened passions, hope for the future and a spirit that doesn’t die easy….Cheers!


Life In The Outskirts…

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Endless rants
This morning I spent two hours on the jam and I must say it wasn’t the prettiest experience. I mean am 6ft tall and Nissans aren’t exactly built to accommodate all that fineness! I like them though, because they get you where you are going faster. When am not in a hurry I use the big buses. You know them, the ones where class and prestige is not a priority for travelers. What’s important is that you get where you are going, in one piece and at the lowest cost possible.

Sometimes they double up as mobile clinics where traditional doctors consult, examine and dispense medication all in one trip! Other times they double up as mini crusades; it has all the qualities of a church service only the duration matters depending on where you are alighting. The only thing that doesn’t happen is praise and worship, I guess because after a long day everyone just wants to get home. So, a couple of verses and interpretations later he announces that it’s time to offer sacrifice and proceeds to wriggle his way to the back of the bus and back to the front, coins and an occasional note safely in a clenched fist. He then gives a sort of vote of thanks to the driver and the conductor and he takes a seat or alights before anyone changes their mind about their offering. For some of us who live alittle, alright! a great distance from the city center the dust-filled journey continues.

By now the driver has pumped up the volume and the bus is now filled with sounds of some overly ambitious singers who need a couple of lessons in voice management. Not to downplay their talent, it’s just that in the evening when am going home the last thing I want to hear is some lovesick guy screaming his lungs out about some girl who supposedly doesn’t love him half as much!

I love traveling…in comfort! Sometimes it’s not possible unless you are paying more or it’s your personal car. I don’t particularly enjoy using those buses, but my physique does not allow me to even think about not to! So as I work my way towards my first car, my second house (the first one was a bedsitter!) and consequently my business complex or maybe even a beach house in Miami, I have decided to stick it out in those selfishly-lacking-in-space matatus and hopefully I’ll win the lottery….soon!


Have you ever wondered who came up with the term ‘weaker sex’ used to refer to women? Wouldn’t you be interested in finding out which group of people had such narrow-minded thinking? I know I would.
Weaker according to the Longman Advanced American Dictionary means”… not physically strong, easily influenced by other people because one cannot make one’s decisions, not skilled i.e. not having much ability or skill in a particular activity or subject, not having much power or influence…need I go on? Am feeling my blood boil at this moment.
Of late I’ve had quite a lot of interest in biographies of famous people, women in particular and in the course of my reading I have stumbled upon information about some very influential and powerful women. Some of them have been ranked at the top of lists of most influential people while others have received no recognition at all. Granted, not every woman can do what Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice, Wangari Maathai or Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has done but that’s not to say their contribution to society has not been equally significant.

Think of women whose husbands died in the war and left them with several children to take of and no paying job. Think of all those women who have borne children with all sorts of health complications and still have to believe and trust that somehow they’ll recover; they have to be strong for them even when the rest of the society is quick to dismiss them as good for nothing. I particularly have so much respect for all those single women who have single-handedly brought up their children and put them through school.

Simply put, women are alot stronger than we think and we can not begin to understand some of the things they’ve been through. We should show them respect and appreciation at the least. These are our mothers, aunts, sisters and friends.

I do not dispute the fact that there are men who have exhibited such qualities of courage and strong will but I choose to speak for the women because all factors considered they have continued to live under the shadows of their male counterparts.

From our women parliamentarians to all the young girls, I would like to encourage us to believe and pray fervently for a time when the world will fully acknowledge our capabilities, a time when it would not come as a shock to have women presidents, a time when jobs will be given on merit and not because of gender.

Long live women.